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Whaling Tradition: From Whale Hunting to Whale Watching

Courage and adventure are two words that mark the Azorean people and this activity. Courage to face the greatest animal in the world, adventure by doing it in small boats. The men threw themselves into the sea with their harpoons, not knowing whether they were victorious in this battle, leaving their families loaded with restlessness on land.

The history of whaling in the Azores dates back to the late 18th century and began by American influence. American whaling ships docked in Azoreans ports in an attempt to recruit a crew for their long journeys. The fearless young Azoreans, often only 13 and 14 years old, when embarking on whaling ships with the Americans were learning everything there was to learn about this activity. It was only later, in 1864, that they put all this into practice on the islands.

Whaling began on the shore, where the watchmen, with their binoculars, watched the blue immensity and looked for the animal. Upon seeing one, the lookout communicated with the other men through rockets, signs of smoking or shaking a white sheet. And there were Azorean adventurers, even though they knew they could be defeated by the gigantic animal. Many of these men were peasants and of humble roots who in hunting of the whale saw a way to earn their livelihood.

The hours were intense on board of the boats until one could '' catch '' the animal, after long persecutions. They threw harpoons and lancets, trying to reach the Balearic lungs. This was how the giant's body filled with water, floating on water and being more easily brought to earth. When it arrived, the work continued: it was time to undo the body of the animal that lost the fight with the Man.

The year 1987 marked the end of the prohibition of commercial hunting by the International Whaling Commission. The last sperm whale were captured in Pico island, where the whale hunt had more expression. In 1986 the last factory related to the Balearic industry in the Azores was closed.

Nowadays the story is much happier. We walk behind the whales to watch them and not to hunt them. From them we only expect marine be etched in our memory forever.

The Company

In 2016 our family decided to embark on a new adventure and we became owners of Sea Bottom Azores.

It is from our exclusive product, the glass bottom boat, that comes from the name of our sustainable tourism company. From generation to generation the passion for the sea and the nautical activities was being transmitted. All of us, grandparents, grandchildren and children grew up in tune with the sea. Given our maritime tradition this new challenge was welcomed by us with the greatest pleasure and dedication.

From the beginning we have differentiated our offer from all other ones on the island of São Miguel, because our boat with glass bottom is an exclusive product and a wonderful experience that can only be with us.

Over the course of time we decided to expand our activity in the sea and we acquired the Toranja, a boat adapted to weather conditions, to give you the opportunity to know the cetaceans of the Azores. With the Sea Bottom Azores you can not only explore the Azores but also our land-based landscapes.

From the sea we continue to land, where we have guided van tours throught the landscapes of our island. We can take you to the most touristic spots, such as Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo and / or Furnas, as we can take you to more unknown but equally beautiful places. If you want to adventure further and take a walking tour we also accompany you, with the greatest pleasure, taking you to know our private properties.

Sea Bottom Azores team is proud of its sustainable practices and will do everything to provide you with the best possible experience in the Azores. We wait for you!



Sea Bottom Azores offers you activities both on land and at sea.

We operate in two Protected Natural Reserves: Vila Franca do Campo's islet & Lagoa do Fogo. Thus, we assume a dual environmental responsibility.

We also offer personalized tours for groups of friends, families, honeymoons, etc.

Discover the wonders of the Azores with Sea Bottom!

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Before the start of the trip for the observation of whales and dolphins, our biologist starts by making a briefing about species sightedness and safety rules to comply with respect for marine biodiversity. Already in the sea and in contact with the species, the biologist identifies the animal and shares curiosities about its life.

Different species of whales and dolphins visit us all year round, living with those who live here. One should not, because of the size or the fact of being wild animals. These can be quite pranksters and friends: this is the case with our dolphin friends. Friendly and fun, these beings are great at interacting with Man. When they feel the human presence in the boats, even still distant, they jump with their whole body out of water to catch our attention. On the other hand, whales part of his giant body while jumping. During the trip, and as previously agreed with the team, there is the possibility of swimming with dolphins

It is possible to observe cetaceans throughout the year in the Azores, due to to the wide range of marine biodiversity that lies here. Cetaceans resident are: the common dolphin, the dolphin and the sperm whale (often sighted at warmer times). There are, therefore, whales visiting Azores on their migratory routes. In spring there is the possibility of a meeting with the blue whale, the common whale, the sardine whale and the dwarf whale. Sometimes you see killer whales as well. In summer: the sperm whale, the pilot whale, sardine whale, bearded whale and dolphins.

Being on the high seas in a splendid blue and enjoying the course of the marine wildlife is something not to be missed.

Hopefully this trip will be recorded in the your memory and trigger your senses through: the sea, the waves, the breeze, the sea air, the coastal cutouts, the animals and their sounds. Tune in to wildlife with the SeaBottom Azores!

* Personalized tours for friends, families, honeymoons, among other occasions *

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

It was from this boat that the name of our company was born. This EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT differentiates our offer of all others of the tourist market of the island of São Miguel.

Your experience begins in the Marina of Vila Franca do Campo, at the SeaBottom Azores kiosk there situated. If you need transportation to the place we also guarantee it. The trip takes place around the Protected Natural Reserve of Vila Franca do Campo's islet and the beautiful beaches of this locality, and in one of them we stop to swim into the immensity of the blue of the sea. (snorkeling)

At the beginning of the tour, our biologist will make a small briefing on the rules to adopt during the trip, as well as an explanation of the script. During the same will be shared with historical curiosities about the municipality of Vila Franca do Campo, at the same time as dazzles by the fascinating cuts of the natural reserve of the islet. There you can see unique marine species and typical of nature reserve, so all our care is doubled. We will observe and identify, in the same way, the seabirds and crustaceans that complete the island's landscape. In addition, we also have an area with a lot of history to tell, where sunken cannons can be observed of Naval Battles fought at this location.

Being on the immense surface of the sea we can not imagine how its depths look like. Or if we can we are not fully aware of its beauty. imagine yourself sitting comfortably contemplating the bleached stones that feature the bottom of the Azores, at the same time as you are presented with a spectacle of our Marine life. Our biologist will always try to identify the species we have just seen, contributing to enlargement of their knowledge about our sea and species.

Awaken your senses with this experience!

* Personalized tours for friends, families, honeymoons, among other occasions *


Apart from seeing the animals up water, you can see them under water not only through our glass bottom but even going into the water.

We give you the chance to dive into the crystal waters of the Azores near or far from the coast. Jump to the sea of the Atlantic and enjoy a unique feeling that you will certainly want to repeat.

Private Trails: Company's Private Areas @ Protected Natural Reserve of Lagoa do Fogo

Looking for adventure? We have EXCLUSIVE pedestrian walks / trails, allowing a greater contact with the wild nature of the island of São Miguel. Being in contact with nature in its purest, and sometimes even wild, state is one of the premises of the trip to the Azores for any lover of Nature.

ROOT OF SPRINGS: Wild and adventure-laden trail for the bravest and lovers of springs. The Root of Springs’ trail is exclusive to Sea Bottom Azores, resulting in private properties of the company in the Protected Natural Reserve of Lake of Fire. This trail accompanies the life stages of a spring, walking side by side with this one. We begin by walking on flat terrain surrounded by dense vegetation, also endemic, where the pure and unpolluted air of the Azores Nature quickly takes over us. We are going up a hill, passing different small streams hidden among the wild vegetation, where there is crystal clear water. You will feel in an authentic zen jungle, because the sound of the water from the spring will not leave you indifferent.

LAGOA DO FOGO: Wild trail, full of endemic vegetation, which will take you to a panoramic, privileged and different view on the Lake of Fire. This trail is unique to SeaBottom Azores, resulting in private properties of the company in the Protected Natural Reserve of Lagoa do Fogo. With SeaBottom Azores you can get to know Lagoa do Fogo as no one knows about it. If you try to go further and get a privileged view, different from the one that most get about the beauty that is the Lagoa do Fogo, then we have the perfect trail for you. From the highest point of the trail, in addition to the lagoon in question, we also have panoramic views to other points of the island, such as Povoação and Vila Franca do Campo. The islet of Vila Franca do Campo, even if far away, deserves special mention on our part. After all, it is around this protected nature reserve that our glass bottom boat rides take place.

Of our private properties we have access and privileged vision on the Praia da Lagoa do Fogo, one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal in the Wild Beach category.

The Fire Volcano, part of the Natura 2000 Network, is classified as a special area of ​​conservation and surrounded by a dense and exuberant endemic vegetation. The geological formations of the island's latest volcano and details of their activity may be the focus of the your tour, if you so decide to focus on this theme. Other possible emphasis given to your walk may still be bird watching.

In addition to being presented with a special view, many endemic plant species will still be known (holly, blueberry, heather, bay leaf, cedar bush, among others).

* Personalized tours for friends, families, honeymoons, among other occasions *

Boat Tours for Seabirds Watching

Watching seabirds is seeing the best of both worlds: the marine world and the world of flying. These birds fly and fly without fear of landing in the sea, where they mix with others animals that will also have the taste of sight. These birds are quite peculiar and fairly fearless. They are brave like the waves of the sea, because they land harmoniously among the giants of the ocean. A multisensorial and very special activity.

Seabirds in the Azores: The Azores constitute an important transition zone between the tropics and the temperate region, functioning as a nesting zone and local for many threatened bird species. These islands, located in the middle of the Atlantic, avifauna in the world, with very important populations of seabirds, especially those that reproduce in the region.

In the Azorean archipelago, besides the dozens of species considered marine which do not nest in the region but pass here more or less frequently due to migration. 8 nesting species can be observed regularly, which deserve special attention because of the importance of the archipelago has for its populations, and for some of these species have in the Azores their larger breeding colonies, such as the Rosy Garajau (Sterna dougallii dougallii) which nest in mixed colonies with the Common Stilt (Sterna hirundo) and whose population of Azores represents about 60% of the European population. Already the Cagarro (Colonectris diomedea borealis), which nests on all the islands of the archipelago, has its largest population here of the subspecies borealis.

One can still observe the Frulho, This flight bird is essentially beaten, with few sliding phases near the surface of the sea. The Alma-Negra, which nests in the Azores, is considered a 'rare' species in Europe, despite not being in danger of extinction. It is known for its wings of about 70 cm and its dark color. We also have the Estapagnado, whose confirmation of nesting in the Azores occurred only in 1997. It is a bird distanced from human interaction, since their nests are in the almost inaccessible cliffs, making it an ideal species to watch by boat.

The Painho-da-Madeira, in turn, can only be found in small islets located in Santa Maria and Graciosa. The Painho-Monteiro was also very abundant in the archipelago of the Azores, until they have been intensively exploited for the feeding and extraction of oil. Therefore, can only be found on Graciosa Island, in distant areas of the coast such as Ilhéu de Baixo and Praia. As for the Gulls, the colony of Lake of Fire on the island of São Miguel is the only one located inside an island, which you can see in cliffs, coastal zones or islanders. The largest colonies are located in Lake of Fire and in the islets of Topo and Goats. Recent studies indicate that the Gulls are extending their distribution in the Azores and In recent years the species has also been observed to nest in the Vila (Santa Maria), Contendas (Terceira) and Vila Franca do Campo (São Miguel), where we operate.

Alma-Negra, Estapagnado, Frulho and Cagarro are listed as species of protected fauna which occur in the wild in the terrestrial and marine territory of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

* Personalized tours for friends, families, honeymoons, among other occasions *

Guided Van Tours

We offer guided van tours through the lush landscapes of São Miguel. Come visit the island of São Miguel and want to know no worries? SeaBottom Azores meets your demand.

With our guided van tours you simply have to enjoy the unforgettable landscapes the largest island in the Azores. Our guide will be happy to share with you curiosities, historical facts and even popular sayings about the places they go by. Make sure to stop at several sightseeing spots, giving you the possibility of being in contact with the fauna and flora of Micaelense. With about 744.6 km² of area, our island has much to discover.

Our tours last a morning or an afternoon, always having the possibility of creating a customized tour for you. Our main tourist destinations are: Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo and Furnas. We can visit places other than those mentioned, according to your wish.

* Personalized tours for friends, families, honeymoons, among other occasions *

Local Acommodation

Away from the city mess we have for you a broad house in Vila Franca do Campo. Feel invited to wake up with a privileged view over the Protected Natural Reserve of Vila Franca do Campo islet and enjoy the splendor of the Azorean nature.

Choose our Company


Only with SeaBottom Azores will you have the to get to know the wonderful Azores sea bottom while is comfortably seated. You can go snorkeling (shallow dive), which kids love at no cost additional. Our boat with glass bottom still has toilet on board.


Our team of professionals always work with the objective of improving the quality of services offered and providing the best experiences during your stay in the Azores.


We have boats adapted for all the type of people, considering conditions such as accessibilities. In this way, no one will be deprived of a great experience in the Azores, or for observation from our amazing sea bottom or observation whales and dolphins. We remind you that our glass bottom boat is suitable for children of all ages, as well as for people with locomotor difficulties;

Qualified Team

Our tours are guided by qualified marine biologists. These professionals have deep knowledge about the flora local, fauna and coastal cuts. The same applies to our guided land tours

Ilustrated Guide

Our biologists and nature guides have developed illustrated and detailed guides on species of the Azores. A product that makes every activity / tour yet most fascinating and educational.

Special Prices

We pay special attention to your needs and wishes, so we have created customized packages for you, offering you special prices

Swimming with Dolphins

At certain times of the year we also have the possibility of swimming with the dolphins at no additional cost, which is included in the price of the ticket to pay for whale watching. To get this special promotion our advice is to stay tuned to our social networks.

We Recommend

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Raincoat
  • Warmer coat (for fresh air on the high seas)
  • Snack
  • Sunscreen
  • Pill for seasickness, if you need


We care about the safety not only of marine creatures as our passengers and we reserve the right to cancel any trip due to weather and sea conditions if we determine that may endanger your and our safety. If your reservation is canceled, you can choose another date.


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